• Our tracing service is anchored on a vast resource of tracing platforms and various tools, underpinned by our expertise in obtaining information from liable parties.  Our aim is to provide our clients with accurate and actionable information required to either recover accidental damages or to get in touch with lost beneficiaries.
  • We deliver a discrete trustworthy forensic tracing services to our client base which includes Private Individuals, Organizations, Insurance Companies, Attorneys and Pension Funds.
  • We have successfully helped and are still helping a very prominent pension and provident fund, trace long lost beneficiaries and validating their members’ latest information.
  • We have created a unique tracing function enabling insurers to segment large batches of claims according to financial indicators.  All we require is an ID number, then we’ll provide three financial indicators for that person, enabling our clients to make a better decision about the possibility of recovering accident damages from them.  This is a cost-effective way in dealing with  backlog of claims, or those that haven’t been finalised yet. We have segmented over 4600 claims for one insurer over two months.