Probate Research

Probate Research deals with finding heirs and proving their right to an inheritance. In some estates there may be no known heirs, or there may be missing heirs whose names are known, but their contact information is not.

In any instance where there is insufficient information available about an heir, professional researchers (AKA heir hunters), work to trace the next-of-kin.

In some cases, we work together with a highly experienced Genealogist who does Ancestry Research to build Family Trees and histories by searching public records and archives to identify the extended family of the deceased. In many cases the heirs that are finally identified have little or no knowledge of the person from whom they are inheriting.

We deliver trustworthy probate research services to Attorneys; The Guardian Fund; Pension Funds and we also assist international Probate Research Firms with tracing heirs who reside in South Africa.

  • One of our international partners, Finders International, referred a case to us where the deceased heir of an estate emigrated to South Africa in 1955 on a ship named “SS Rhodesia Castle” (sourced from an Outward Passenger List from 1955). It was believed that she was married in Rhodesia in 1961 and had three daughters. Armed with the name and date of birth of the deceased heir, we were able to trace all four her children who will subsequently inherit from the original estate.
  • We have successfully helped and are still helping a very prominent pension and provident fund, trace long lost beneficiaries, of whom some are deceased. We are then tasked to locate their next-of-kin who are due these benefits.