Our team

Our management team is made up of highly experienced and qualified professionals in the field.

LEXForensics is a Level 1 BEE Contributor and a subsidiary of Legal Exchange Corporation.  We provide businesses with a solution to manage their risks and the integrity of all stakeholders by detecting fraud through the utilisation of state of the art Layered Voice Analysis technology in our forensic call centre. We specify to our clients where the potential unethical loss, competence and performance gaps are indicated in assessed cases, enabling them to channel the same to the correct processing method. Doing so saves our clients time and resources by showing them which cases have a low, medium or high probability of risk.

Mellisa Pillay

Mellisa, heads up the Forensic RA7 Call Centre. She has been involved with LEXForensics from the start as part of the forensic analyst team. She has worked her way up to become the manager of the Forensic RA7 call centre after gaining extensive experience with the use of LVA and within the insurance industry. She has a master’s degree in criminal law and has applied her knowledge and expertise in our approach to fraud prevention.

Lelani Rautenbach

Our COO probably has the most experience with the Layered Voice Analysis technology than anyone else in South Africa. Having started out as an assistant trainer for Nemesysco, the developers of LVA, and with substantial LVA testing experience since 2007, she went on to head up the Forensic RA7 Call Centre at LEXForensics and moved into the position of COO after 3 years at the company.

Ben Raseroka

Ben is the Group Managing Director of Legal Exchange CorporationLEXCorp, Our holding company.

He is a qualified Attorney with over 25-year experience. He is also the MD of LEXForensics and oversees the strategic direction of the business as well as growth and business development. LEXForensics is one of 3 Subsidiaries in cross related industries reporting into LEXCorp as a Group headed by Ben Raseroka.

RA7 Forensic Call Centre

Our specialist RA7 (LVA) Forensic Call Centre is staffed by qualified agents experienced in claims administration and including in certain instances, admitted attorneys. They are not only certified RA7 users but also fully qualified veracity assessors, having completed the full LVA training course through Nemesysco.


Through our Group Structure within LEXCorp, LEXForensics is sufficiently resourced and supported with shared services including Finance, IT and HR, allowing Management to focus on core operations, business development and customer service.