Layered Voice Analysis

LVA is a professional investigation focus tool using the proprietary Layered Voice Analysis technology from Nemesysco.  It is a non-intrusive, language-independent and accurate tool to identify truthfulness and deception amongst other things (Nemesysco, 2015).

It analyses the entire audible spectrum of the voice, capable of detecting and measuring many different psychophysiological reactions that are indicative of changes in the tested party’s perception. The technology is non-invasive and provides a psychological diagnostic tool to detect potential fraud and risk areas in assessed cases classifying them into Low, Medium and High Risk.

    • Human Resource Industries
    • Medical and Funeral Insurance
    • Short-term Insurance
    • Integrity and general honesty within the following sectors:
      • Security, warehousing, logistics and retail industry
    • LEXForensics managed to onboard a very sceptic client that has made use of RA7 services through our competitors. Our approach was underpinned by our commitment to quality and the stringent application of correct testing procedures.  We were able to demonstrate the value and insights garnered though this technology, which in turn led to them becoming one of our biggest clients.
    • One of our clients received quite a significant number of cell phone claims each month.   We conducted a RA7’s on all the submitted cell phone claims from that client.  Once their clients realised that the company has put preventative measures like the RA7 in place, the number of cell phone claims dropped considerably.
    • We were given the rare opportunity to test the outcome of an investigation with the RA7 to establish whether the findings of the investigation were substantiated and whether the client was taking a chance.  Based on the infographic below, one can clearly see that the outcomes were exactly the same: