Desktop Investigations

Our forensic analysts also do desktop investigations to assist our insurance clients with work that stretches far and wide across the country. Our entire desktop investigative service is initiated through Layered Voice Analysis, which is a language independent and accurate tool to identify truthfulness and deception, amongst other things. This unique approach allows us to act on the insights gained by this technology and focussing the investigation that ensues. Our desktop investigators correspond electronically and telephonically to all the parties involved, record all conversations and complete and collect all supporting documents electronically, which is compiled in a comprehensive report.

  • Short term insurers, where there are red flags on a claim, but where the quantum does not justify a full merit investigation.
  • Long term insurers suspecting identity fraud during a funeral claim – validating whether the deceased is actually deceased and whether the beneficiary is who they say they are.
  • Long term insurers also make use of this service on their disability benefit claims, when it comes to determining the workability of the insured.
  • Over the last 6 months, we have recommended rejections on insurance claims at a staggering rate of almost 30% of all the claims we’ve investigated.  This translates into massive returns on investment for our insurance clients, by not paying out fraudulent claims.